Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 15

Yes, this saturday I weighed more than last Saturday, but I can explain!

Earlier in the week I dropped down to 210.5 lbs and then 210.0 lbs by Friday morning which made me very happy. However, Friday was my once-a-month "cheat day" where I don't track calories and I indulge in my desires for too much food and chocolate. Ah, so good. But the upshot of that is a couple days getting back down again after the sudden infusion of food.

Anyway, now that I'm toying with 210 lbs, I am looking at my next goal of 200 lbs by July 1st. That gives me 2.5 months to accomplish it so I'm hopeful.

Saturday Weight: 212.0 lbs

Monday, April 07, 2014

Week 14

One reason I started blogging this weight loss journey was to write my thoughts so I could pass them on to others struggling with weight loss later on, sort of, "I did it but it wasn't easy and it took time" lesson. Another reason is to allow me to gain perspective on a weekly basis to see progress over time as compared to day to day.

This is a perfect example:
Week 10: 216 lbs
Week 11: 214 lbs
Week 12: 213 lbs
Week 13: 213.5 lbs
Week 14: 211.5 lbs

So taken together we see that over the past four weeks I've lost 4.5 pounds, comfortably over my 1 lbs a week goal. But on the daily basis I feel frustrated because I hit 211 between the week 12 and 13 weigh ins, and hit 211 again between week 13 and 14 weigh ins, but didn't break below 211 on Saturday. So I feel disappointed that I failed to do so, while the big picture reveals everything is going along swimmingly. This is why daily weigh ins can be a bad idea.

Anyway, beyond frustration I've also had a lot of cravings for unhealthy food this past week and especially this weekend. I avoided breaking my goals (for the most part) but I'm struggling right now for some delicious junk food. Hopefully this week I can break down to 210.5 lbs for some positive motivation.

Saturday Weight: 211.5

Monday, March 31, 2014

Unlucky Week 13

I had an up and down week for this one.

Early on in the week I went from Saturday's weigh in of 213 down to 212 and then 211! I broke the 20 lb mark! Hurray! .... And then I prompty had a splurge day on Thursday and ill-advised amount of ma and cheese dinner on Friday and faced 213.5 lbs on the scale on Sunday. *facepalm*

Fortunately I'm back in the saddle and weighed 212 lbs this morning so I expect to be returning to 211 and parts beyond soon. Local highs versus local lows and all that. As long as it keeps trending down over time.

On the day I did hit 211 I was talking to Andrew about my success and how happy I was and another friend piped up asking how I was doing it. I blithely replied "eating less" and he proceeded to inform me that I had to do more than that or else it would not stay off... you know, the usual well intentioned stuff that we all (should) know about lifestyle changes versus fad diets, etc. I said, "yeah yeah, I know the theory and everything" and he started in on me that it wasn't just theory and I should do this and that and I kind of lost it on the poor guy. I know he was trying to help but I hate unsolicited advice, especially about weight control from people who have never been fat in their life.

Saturday Weigh In 213.5 lbs

Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 12

And the good news keeps on coming. Another week, another whole pound lost.

We're sitting at the cusp of 212 lbs, the low point marker from last year. I need to break past it as a mental block to prove to myself I can keep going and not get stuck like I did last spring. Incidentally, 211.5 lbs represents the 20 lbs lost marker, so double whammy.

Spring cannot get here son enough for more outside time and activity.

Saturday Weight: 213.0 lbs

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week 11

Despite hitting a new excellent low of 214 lbs this Saturday after a week where I was hovering around 215, and a low I might add that was 2.5 lbs down from the week before, AND a weight that represents my successful non-sick lowest weight from last year when I counted calories, I still feel fat.

The first ten pounds feels like you've lost a million. The next ten? Feels like only a handful. Sigh.

On the bright side, since I still feel fat it means I'm still dedicated to counting calories and continuing to lose weight unlike last year where I really ran out of steam and started letting a lot of bad habits back in by this time. It give me promise that this time is different and I'm going to reach my goal of 180 lbs this year.

Besides, I might still feel large but there is tangible evidence I'm continuing to get smaller. My pants are constantly getting looser, my belt is on its last notch down two from December, my shirts and sweaters are all getting baggy except my new ones which are only XL instead of XXL... I'm losing weight, just feels so slow.

With Jiu Jitsu ending this month I'm going to have to really work harder in the work gym to keep up the healthy weight loss. I'm really dying for summer where I can start getting moving outside more. Here's to under 200 by summer's end!

Saturday Weight: 214.0 lbs

Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 10

Despite spending all week at 216.0 lbs, Saturday morning my body decided to piss me off and jumped to 216.5. Sigh. One of those local highs I was telling you about. But then Sunday I was 215.5 lbs, and today 215.0 so its all good.

I had a bit of trouble controlling myself around the chips and mini-eggs at Kaelan's birthday party yesterday so I was forced to have only a banana and one slice of toast for dinner, still blowing my calorie limit for the day. Not smart. Going to need more willpower if I'm going to keep going down. Fortunately summer with its plenty of physical activity is coming and I'm hoping to power through the 212 mark before June gets here. Two months, should be easy.

Saturday Weight: 216.5

Monday, March 03, 2014

Week 9

After last week's big drop I was expecting to hold the line or even bounce up a pound but was happy to see a little dip again. *Happy Dance* As long as I can keep from plateauing this time at the ~215 mark I should be good to go on down below 200. *fingers crossed*

Anyways, while entering my progress on it asked me if I wanted to update my goals. Huh, never saw this before, I said to myself. I picked OK and it promptly lowered my daily caloric goals from 1870 calories to 1810. While its only a 60 calorie difference, it felt like 600! It convinced me I need to get more exercise more often.

Summer can't get here soon enough.

Saturday Weight: 216.0