Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 24

I got on the scale on Saturday morning after a week of doing well with my eating and getting back on the treadmill the day before and was pleased to hit a new low of 203.5 lbs. Then I had a pretty naughty weekend with lots of high callorie snacking at Greenbush with my family and then some questionable choices at home on Sunday with Kim's parents. Was more than a little shocked to see 207 Monday morning on the scale. YIKES!

Fortunately I suspect its one of those local highs and I'm working at bringing that back down. Try to get some more time on the treadmill as I practice for the 5km run I'm planning on doing this fall. This morning it was 206 already so I should be back in fighting form by the weekend. Can't afford that again if I want to hit 200 in July.

Saturday Weight: 203.5 lbs